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Central Script to Perform gateway changes

Hi Everyone ,


This could be very useful script for enterprise customer where check point gateways are being managed by MDS or Management server . There are many common changes that needs to be done on individual  gateway , For example configuring syslog ,NTP , SNMP . In many of the cases customer needs to get some information from all individual gateway like version ,Hotfix ,what all blades are enabled .

Script is based on sk85621 and sk101047 . 


Below is the bash code for script to run bash / clish command on multiple gateway which has working SIC .

gateway_ip_list.txt  is located in current directory which has IP of all the gateways 


[Expert@Management:0]# cat

echo "Do you want to run bash or clish command"
read shell
echo "please input the $shell command to run on all the gateway"
read input
for dest in $(<gateway_ip_list.txt); do
echo "running the $shell command $input on $dest "

cprid_util -server $dest -verbose rexec -rcmd /bin/$shell -c "$input"



Please refer the attached pdf .


Watch a demo here :

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