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Access list is being skipped by the gateway

I have observed drops on the firewall whenever any kind of rdp connection is being processed through this particular Gateway we observe drops for about 3 or 4 seconds and if I do  zdebug on the Gateway it shows me that it was dropped because it was falling in the cleanup rule although there is a rule above this cleanup rule already allowing the session so what happening is it at times the firewall is skipping the rules in the access list and just dropping the traffic on the cleanup rule this happens not only for rdp but also for other connections but rdp is a one which is easily noticeable.

Management server R.80 and gateway is 77.30

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Sounds like the RDP connection may be timing out (perhaps inappropriately) and the RDP client is reconnecting, first try increasing the timeout for the Remote_Desktop_Protocol service from the default of 3600.  If that doesn't have an impact on the problem, enable TCP State Logging as specified here: sk101221: TCP state logging to get some more information about what is happening to those connections.

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