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API and mgmt_cli add server-certificates Failed to create HTTPS inbound certificate with error -1

R81, API 1.7.1
add server-certificates  for HPPTS-Inspection failed when using API , mgmt_cli or Web Service.
It functions only manually using the dashboard.
( on console not possible because the certificate p12 in base64 is too big for the console)

I always receive "Failed to create HTTPS inbound certificate with error -1"

as basic command used ( also with other user mgmt_cli --user .... )
mgmt_cli -r true add server-certificate name "NameCertificate" base64-certificate "MIIQEAIB...5489characters....ggA" base64-password "password_format_base64" comments "TESTING CERTIFICATE IMPORT"

What I did for converting and testing the formatted base64 certificate
   - converted to base64 using #base64 ...file.p12 | tr -d '\n' > certificate_p12_formatbase64
   - tested way back unsing "base64 -d " and "openssl pkcs12"

What could be the issue ? do have someone else this issue ?

the --debug option do not give any further information

Thank you for your help

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