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API Call "show-host" does not see host which I can see when I'm viewing through the GUI

This problem is preventing me from pushing a tonne of Groups to the Firewall(R80.40) because when I specify some hosts as members the API call doesn't see them even though I can view them in the GUI.


Is there something obvious that I'm missing?


Additionally, if I try and use "add-host" it won't let me because it says there is an object already present with that IP address.

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These are two separate questions.

Are you 100% sure the session that created the relevant object has published their changes?
Without that, you will not be able to refer to the object in another session (e.g. with the API).
Is there a “lock” when you view the object in SmartConsole, for instance?

There is an option in the API call to “ignore warnings” which would allow you to add multiple objects with the same IP.

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