R77.20.80, cpdiag and crond

Document created by Günther W. Albrecht on Aug 2, 2018
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During testing R77.20.80 EA versions, cpdiag was mentioned in the email conversation by CP specialists. I can even search SKs for cpdiag and will even find sk123294 R77.20.80 for Small and Medium Business Appliances in the list of results, but the term/command is not mentioned in the documents visible part (same is true of sk97443: Support Debug Tools) . So what does it really do when used as a command ? Download an update:

[Expert@zwelfhundertr]# cpdiag
Log path: /opt/fw1/log/cpdiag.elg
CPDiag update:
Verifying CK
CK is 00-1C-7F-...
Version is cip
bUseProxy is 0
Found update, name is cpdiag_991100024.tar.gz, revision is 991100024
CPDiag running build: 991100019
CPDiag download center build: 991100024
Started downloading updated package
Download completed
Update returned: 1
Launching new version
Log path: /opt/fw1/log/cpdiag.elg

The mentioned log file contains error messages, in my case it is a licensing warning of cosmetic nature..

But also a new daemon can be found in top:

5247     1 root   S    1084   6720   1%   0% /usr/sbin/crond

That is brand new - and we can see what it does call in file /pfrm2.0/etc/crontabs/root:

22 1 * * * /storage/cpdiag/bin/cpdiag --periodic

So we now have some new possibilities, as cron jobs need only new line(s) in /pfrm2.0/etc/crontabs/root !

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