Migrating objects using the R80 Web APIs, Python, and cpauto

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This script shows how objects can be migrated from one R80 manager to another R80 or R80.10 manager programmatically using the R80 web APIs, Python, and cpauto.



Script requires at least two R80/R80.10 managers with the web APIs enabled. The source manager should have some host and network objects defined for the demo to be useful.


The provided code is merely an example but is a viable pattern that can be reused for virtually all object types.



Download the ZIP archive and run the enclosed Python script on a system that meets the following requirements:

  • Python and cpauto installed correctly
  • Network access to the source and destination R80 web API resources


For more information on cpauto: https://github.com/dana-at-cp/cpauto


Code Version

Code version 1.0.0


Tested on version

R80, API version 1.0


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