Dameon Welch-Abernathy

CheckMates First Birthday & Awards Ceremony: Request for Categories

Blog Post created by Dameon Welch-Abernathy Moderator on Apr 30, 2018

It seems crazy, but it's been a year since we started CheckMates. 

And yes, we are going to have a party to celebrate.

As part of this, we are going to give out a few awards, Oscars style, with a video to announce the winners with special guests.


During my last visit to Israel, I sat with Amit Sharon and Moti Sagey and we came up with a couple of categories that we will solicit nominations for:

  • Post of the Year
  • Member of the Year
  • Check Point Feature of the Year


I would love to get additional ideas from the community for award categories.

Think of it as an RFC (Request for Categories)

From among the submissions, which should occur as comments to this post, we will choose a few to include in our list above.

Next week, we will begin soliciting for nominations in each category.