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URL filtering is not working on opera

I have configured URL filtering on R80.10 & blocked porn sites. I am doing this in a test environment.

first without application inspection, just url filtering only.

1. URL filtering working on chrome and IE but not on firefox and opera.

2. Next, i added http inspection also & installed the certificate on both opera and  firefox

this time URL filtering started working on Firefox and opera

why was itworking without https inspection in IE & chorme only? 

Could you please help me to figure it out.

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Was Categorize HTTPS websites enabled?

If so, packet captures and a TAC case are probably in order here.

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Hi. I think maybe opera vpn working. If it cannot detect opera vpn proxy, Pleas try to activate “Categorize HTTPS websites” Application Control and URL Filter blade advanced settings.

Smartconsole > Manage and Settings > Blades > Application Control & URL Filter "Advanced Settings" > Activate “Categorize HTTPS websites”. After pushed policy clear connection table or do reboot.

 Application Control can not catch Opera web browser VPN 

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