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How to access online labs for R80 hosted by Jim?

Hi Team,

    how to access the R80 online labs as mentioned by Jim in the webinar


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If you're talking about R80.x Training Videos, then there is a note there:

Please note that Ravello blueprints have been discontinued and are no longer available.

Most of the labs can be done with the Cloud Demo Mode in R80.10 SmartConsole 

And generally, cloud demo mode is part of R80.10 SmartConsole. I think it is much better to use the cloud version than the local one now for R80.10 versions. But it might not work with proxy from your organization network, so might require "clean" access to internet.

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I am trying cloud demo last few days and....functions are very restricted.

I cannot access WebUI neither CLI of the gateways. Also device info and licenses is not loading.

It is great place to see how new SmartConsole look like and go through menus(compare it to r77.x) but nothing else. It is like a presentation of console. Nothing much.

By the way - videos are GREAT! Thanks Jim!

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