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CheckMates Live - Boost your Cyber Security with SmartAwareness Training!

We have recently maintained two Live sessions about our newest SmartAwareness training. Here is the video recording of the latest session:

Presentations we used are also attached.

Selected questions and answers from the session:


Q: How Check Point and InfoSec are related?

A: INFOSEC is the training provider of the SmartAwareness offering, sold by Check Point MIND service.

Q: What is the base pricing? 

A: SmartAwarness cost is 20 CLC / $2000 per 100 users (can purchase in bulks of 100/500/1000 based on your comany's needs). Each license is valid for 1 year.

Q: Where can I find information about non-English language supported with SmartAwareness?

A: Please go here:

Q: Do you have modules addressing privacy regulations and practices, such as GDPR?

A: Yes, we have modules covering GDPR, Privacy by design, as well as CCPA. We add new compliance modules on a monthly basis

More resources and links:

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