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CCSBA - Sandblast Network Training Labs


I am trying to access the Sandblast Network Training Labs via and the page no longer exists according to the site. 

Are these labs no longer available?

Thanks in advance

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Yes, they are.

Please click here to get to the course and read the CCSBA - Network labs instruction from there.

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Thanks for the response!

I am already on the course and have downloaded and read the Lab Guide PDF. The links that should lead to the lab itself though seems to be "dead". Either choosing Americas, EMEA or APAC all lead me to a 404 page (unless I am doing something extremely wrong).

The Lab Guide PDF was really well written and gave me a complete picture of what the lab wants to achieve so I guess I can go on without it, although I would prefer the hands on experience.


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Good evening, 

I am searching also for the CCSBA and I cannot find it. Would it be possible to guide me also to finding it? Trully need it!

Best wishes, 


Andrei Bosinceanu
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