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Threat Emulation problem

Hi All, 

After upgrade from R80.10 to R81.10. We see Threat Emulation log action become "Detect" from "Accept".

And found mail always delay to destination. 

Is it  about Threat Emulation blade? How we check this problem?

Thanks for a lot.


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From your description, it's difficult to know what is happening.
Start by providing a screenshot of the relevant log card.

That said, depending on the configuration, you can expect Threat Emulation to delay email.
How long of a delay are you experiencing?
It shouldn't be that substantial unless your mail queue is backed up and/or you're not using Threat Extraction.
Threat Extraction ensures the end user receives a safe document quickly while the real document is emulated.

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Is your gateway configured as an MTA, which JHF and MTA package is installed and have you reviewed sk108878?

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