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R80.20 and ICAP client and read-only

Not sure if this is the right board or not.  If not, kindly let me know and I can move.


My question is concerning R80.20 and ICAP client.  Have a customer that we got this working but during the setup we noticed that they had an issue with their icap server that they were using.  Since it was not responding at times or responding correctly, their traffic was being blocked by the icap client.  Had a request for it to be in fail-open mode.  The config is set for fail-open but it did not work that way.  The config file states "For HTTP requests or responses with a body, the last service fail-mode action is always treated as close, regardless of the defined value."  So customer wanted to know if they could run it in just a detect mode.  We saw sk108135 which is for a read-only mode where the client does not act on the response.  this sounds like it will do it but it does not state R80.20,, just up to R80.10.  Does anyone know if this sk still applies?  Are we understanding the sk correctly?  Or does R80.20 do something different for a detect-only mode? 



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In previous versions we only supported a "detect mode" with ICAP.
In R80.20 we support content modification.
The closest thing to a "fail open" you'll get is enabling "Tricking at the end mode" in the ICAP configuration.
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