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Missing Core Activations and Inspection Settings

Hi Mates,

After the upgrade to R80.10 on a MDS, hosting 5 CMAs, we are facing a very strange issue and until now the struggle is huge but no luck on sorting it out.


In one of the CMA we need to make some tweaks on “Inspections Settings” for both FTP and MGCP and somehow we don’t have such settings available to manage. In fact we only 9 of them when on others CMAs we have 145, including of course, the ones that we need J


Please see the behaviour below



Another observation that maybe is related, if we note the “Core Activation” we only have 5 and in other CMAs we have 39.

We already did all the “magic” that we can think: New Policy package, delete the old profiles that were upgraded from R77.30, played with policy layers and so…no luck until now.


Does anybody saw this behaviour and give us some advice, please?

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Hi, please open a support ticket for this so that Check Point Support will be able to investigate. Seems like an issue from the upgrade of the particular Domains. 45 and 39 are the correct numbers.


Would you want to try to switch your IPS update version to old version?

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Hi Guys,

Many thanks for your replies

@Tomer Sole - We already had open a case with your partner, just waiting from some feedback.

@Rick Lin - That's is one of the "magic" we already tried without any luck

Best Regards,


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For the IPS core, my guess would be that you will need to completely reset all IPS, reload a new database and continue from there. We had some weird problems with IPS a while back and this did the trick.

Regards, Maarten
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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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