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IPS logs with the "Prevent" action do not show packet capture, but IPS "Detect" logs do show it

For all my IPS logs in prevent mode I do not see the option that a Packet capture has been generated, however for some of my logs in detect mode this can be observed, does anyone know why this happens?

In the track part of my IPS policy I do have the Packet Capture option enabled.

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I'm also encountering this issue where IPS logs with the "Prevent" action do not show packet capture, whereas logs with the "Detect" action do show it. It's puzzling why this inconsistency occurs. If you want to download capcut then visit this website I've ensured that the Packet Capture option is enabled in the track part of my IPS policy, but it doesn't seem to resolve the issue. If anyone has insights into why this might be happening or potential solutions, I'd greatly appreciate it. 

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I never seen that issue in my R81.20 lab, but will check it again tomorrow and let you know. I do recall it in R81.10 though.


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Note that for Inspection Settings (wrench icon) and Core Activations (shield w/ firewall icon), packet captures will not be taken at all unless the Capture Packets checkbox is explicitly set on the configuration screen of the individual Core Activation or Inspection Setting itself, because these Protections are (more or less) part of the Access Control policy, not the Threat Prevention policy.  The "Packet Capture" track option in the Threat Prevention policy only applies to IPS ThreatCloud protections (shield icon).

In some cases a packet capture will not be present in the logs when it seems there should be; this can be caused in the
following situations as stated in the R81.20 Known Limitations:

All of this is covered in the upcoming Check Point Threat Prevention Specialist (CTPS) course which should be available from Check Point ATCs worldwide in Q3 2024.

Gateway Performance Optimization R81.20 Course
now available at
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