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Hi Experts ,Any one can guide

May I know how to block IPS based for Countries to block outside access to Particular segment .

My scope is I need to block for VPN segment ,for example lets say my user are in UK ,I need to block access from china ,In IPS based  to apply this ..  

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You mean talking about the Geo Policy?

If you use Geo Policy, you can block connection from any specific Country.

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To create a new Geo Policy:

  1. In R80 SmartConsole, go to the Security Policies page.
  2. In the Shared Policies section, click Geo Policy.
  3. From the drop-down Edited Policy menu, select New.
  4. In the Object Name window that opens, enter a name for the new Geo Policy.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Select an Activation Mode:
    • Active - Policy is enabled
    • Monitory Only - Traffic that matches the policy is allowed and logged
    • Inactive - Policy is disabled
  7. In Policy for specific countries section, click the plus sign.

    The Geo Policy - Add new rule window opens.

  8. Configure the Rule Settings:
    • Country - Select or search for a country on the list
    • Action - Select Accept to allow the traffic or Drop to reject it
    • Direction - From and To Country for bidirectional traffic, or To Country or From Country for traffic only in a specific direction
    • Track - Select to Log, send Alerts, send Mail, send SNMP Traps, or to send one of possible three custom User Alerts (you can also choose to not do any tracking)
    • Comment - optional comment
  9. Set the default Action and Track option for the Policy for other countries.
  10. Optional - Select Aggregate logs by country.
  11. Publish the Session to save the configuration changes.

Firewall Pre-R80 Security Gateways with R80 Security Management 


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