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Gateway does not change default route when link is switched on ISP Redundancy

I have a 6200b Cluster in version R81.10 T66, when we switch from ISP Redundacy, clients start to navigate through the secondary link, but the Gateway route remains with the primary link route.

As a result, the gateway loses communication with Checkpoint Online services, so I need to change the Threat Prevention Engine Settings to "Background - Requests are allowed until categorization is complete".

Do you know any way around it?


In the attachment it is possible to verify that the link was called to the IP of the network "170.x.x.x" but it remains with the IP of the previous network "177.x.x.x"


Evidencia chaveamento 2.png

Chaveamento SES-MA.png

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What routes are present in the system when ISP1 is active?
What routes are present in the system when ISP2 is active?
In any case, it sounds like a TAC case is in order.

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