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Enabling SandBlast on AWS vSEC server

Hi Folks, 

We operate a web platform completely hosted in AWS. 

A new client we have requires that we use Sandblast to scan documents before they are sent to them.

Sandblast looks to be the software for the job. 

The usage scenario is we store the documents in an AWS S3 bucket and have them scanned there. A piece of middleware will send them to SandBlast for analysis and move them on if the the result is favourable. 

I've installed the following server in our AWS account under the 15 day Trial:

However, I have a couple of questions which this forum looks to be the place to get them answered:

1) How does one enable the SandBlast feature for this product? Is there documentations that address this specifically?

2) Assuming I can get it enabled, is there a RESTful API endpoint as the SandBlast API subsection of this site suggests.

Thanks in advance! 

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Champion Champion

To enable Sandblast ThreatEmulation, just check the specific Software Blade and configure ThreatEmuation accordingly.

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Hi Danny,

Thanks for the response. 

Your interface is considerably different to mine. 

I don't have that ability unfortunately. This is root of my issue I think.

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You are looking in the GAIA WebUI, not SmartDashboard, which is where you would configure what Danny suggests.

However, for the use case you describe, you might find the following interesting:

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