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Allow .exe file to be downloaded

Hi All

Can I allow just a specific .exe file ou URL to be downloaded ?

Currently its being blocked

Here are some pieces of the log

File Name:                    SOPHiA-DDM-v4-4.3.1.exe
File Type:                    MS-DOS executable
Source OS:                    Windows

Blade:                        Anti-Virus

Resource:           ,,,

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I hope you can add whitelist file on Threat Prevention policy.

To configure files on the Threat Prevention Whitelist:

  1. In R80 SmartConsole, click Security Policies > Threat Prevention > Policy > Threat Tools > Whitelist Files.
  2. Click New.

    The Whitelist File window opens.

  3. Enter the Object Name and MD5 signature for the new file exception.

    Note - To edit or remove Whitelist files, right-click the file and select the applicable option.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Install the Threat Prevention policy.

MD5 Checker Tool

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Thank You

I could do that however I dont see it in the logs the MD5 signature to apply the excpetion.

Are there any ways to see if before downloading it or any other way to add an excpetion ?

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