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SmartMove October 2021 update


What's new:

Added deprecated words for naming - according to sk40179

Improved functionality for FortiGate vendor:
- Fixes for comparing types of objects
- Fixed incorrect work of option "Do not import unused objects"

Smartconnector updates: thanks to @SimonMeadows 
- Fix for using existing time groups and objects
- Added auto-renaming for objects with invalid names
- Map network object to correct one found in checkpoint database


  • Click here to download the Check Point SmartMove Tool.
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I just downloaded the new release for another import and the changes I made are not in smartconnector.

There is a significant portion of the addCpObjectWithIpToServer that is missing and it still does not map the networks correctly.

smartconnector in the relese is different from the current version on github.

I'm going to have to delete all the imported objects and policy then revert to the github version and try again.

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New version updated :


  • Updated the cp_mgmt_api_python_sdk
  • Domain objects that already exist are imported with '_1' suffix
    • Domain objects 'Name' is the fqdn that is meaningful for dns etc.
    • changed to forcibly not rename and skip any domains that already exist
    • This means any rules with the fqdn will use the already existing object
  • GroupWithExclusion does not have any ['Members']
    • The GroupWithExclusion has an ['Include'] and ['Except'] but no ['Members']
    • added a check for when the code reached the processGroupWithMembers function to skip it if it is a GroupWithExclusion
  • any not accepted as an object for rules 
    • on multiple occasions I get 'WARN: Requested object [any] not found'
    • fix replace all instances of "any" with "Any" in the cp_objects.json file
    • The change changes the default any object from "any" to "Any"
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