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S1C: Gateway Not Found when pushing new policy on new gtwy

Completed export/import file process from on-prem Mgmt Server gtwys #1-5 to S1C R81.20.

Gtwy's #1-5 have not been registered yet.

Registered  new gtwy #6.  Maas Tunnel up/ SIC established, etc, etc. 

Created new policy for gtwy #6 a CP3800 R81/GAIA.

Also did install database.

Problem with install policy, chose this new policy for Gtwy #6 but got error message "No gateways found".

For the  policies that were part of the export/import, even though the their respective gtwys were not registed, if I chose one of the previously imported policies I would see the corresponding gateways.

Also Gtwy #6 object remained yellow - errors:  Application Control and URL Filtering not responding

Any one encountered anything like this?



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Error for appc and urlf should not matter for issue you have, because S1C is complaining it cant find the gateway to even push the policy to. In policy editor, can you add that gateway in install target field at all?


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