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Migrate to Smart1-Cloud to avoid Smart1-410 appliance upgrade?

(2) on-prem production 4810s in HA Cluster on Gaia R80.20 managed by on-prem Smart1-410 appliance also on  R80.20

Have (2) 6700’s (Gaia R81)  w/no policy yet… also on prem. The 6700’s will replace the 4810’s. Want to use 4810 policy on 6700s.

Also: planning to migrate to Smart1-Cloud for SmartConsole. Already have account. – no registered gtwys yet.

How/when to migrate/import/export 4810 policy to 6700?  The 6700’s at R81  can not be managed by on-prem Smart1-410 appliance at R80.20. And we don't want to upgrade Smart1-410 appliance to R81 just to be backward-compatible to support the 4810s on R80.20.

Should I migrate smart1-410 appliance to Smart1-Cloud, register/add both the 4810 R80.20 and 6700 R81 gtwys and just install 4810 policy on to 6700’s ?


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What stage of configuration are the 6700s currently at do they have network access?

Start here to understand the high level process for Smart-1 cloud on-boarding migrating from your old management:

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