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Issues with S2S and Smart-1 Cloud - Internally managed

Hello community

Wondering if anybody else having these kind of issues with Internally managed VPNs and smart-1 cloud?


CRL fetch doesn't seem to be reliable through the MAAS tunnels.


I see logs of "certificate invalid" and failed CRL fetches on vpnd.elg.  


Every 1 or 2 weeks the VPN goes down, only to come up after policy push.

Have a TAC ticket but not much joy


For the moment I have a workaround by failing-open CRL check.


Any other better workarounds available or input?



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Ultimately this sounds like there's an underlying bug that needs to be addressed.
I would escalate the TAC case and make sure R&D is involved through a task or similar.
You can also PM me the SR number and I can investigate.

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