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Configure Azure Cluster R81.10 with Smart-1 Cloud Console.

Hello Everyone


I want to know is someone here had configure an Azure CheckPoint Cluster with Smart-1 Cloud console, 

I deployed a cluster around 1 month ago and everything was working fine until about 2 weeks when the Azure Gateways starts to disconnect from the Smart-1 Cloud console.

I tried to reset SIC to reestablish communications but it only works for some hours and stops working.

The problem starts randomly with the cluster members sometimes fails 1 node and the other cluster member who is in the same subnet and same configurations works fine.

I tried to create new cluster but the problem still on the new clusters from scratch using the Check Point guides for Azure.

I opened a TAC Case but we cannot identify the RC.



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Employee Employee

Have you tried to verify connectivity with the following script? # $FWDIR/scripts/ If you have what is the output?

Does the problem follow itself when you failover the firewall? Any NAT taking place? Any asymmetrical routing taking place? 


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