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quantum gateway cluster to azure express route

One of our customers wants to create a Azure Express route connection. This customer has 2 datacenters strechted. On the first location the primairy Azure express route connection is delivered, on the other location the secondairy Azure express route path. The customer has a Quantum gateway cluster in a active-standby mode. Microsoft gives a /29 subnet for bgp routing, which is split into 2 /30 subnets . 

I'm unable to find some good documentation on this. Obviously I should have 3 ip's for the cluster interface, but that's not possible.  Using azure express route VPN, there must be something created like a VIP. I think that's also the case for this, but I'm not sure. Especially because I found that the RID should be the same as the VIP. I don't know how to configure this because I get 2 VIP's.

anyone that can point me in the right direction? Or should I go to dedicated routers for this (as we normally do). 

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We have customer who has dedicated xpress route link. All we had to do back when we set it up is follow BGP documentation.


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You might be able to follow this documentation to set the VIP on the /30 given and then use a different subnet for the interface IPs. 


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