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Why the cluster interfaces are showing as "Partially UP"

Multiple interfaces (Bond & Physical) showing as Partially UP.

What could be reason behind this? 

As per sk106488 . Tried installing JumboHotfix Take_216 but after that few of the interfaces were not visible in Smartview monitor as well as in CLI cphaprob.

 4200 series - R77.30 - No jumbohotfix.

What could be the reason of this behavior?

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I had a similar issue . probably you are not receiving any signal from some vlans in your network . it will happen when you loos one of your member because before the faileover you have received the signal from other member .  check your switch trunk and make sure that vlan is reachable to your end point 

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Cluster interfaces are showing as "Partially UP" when something is wrong with multicast packets. You can check it with a tcpdump.

Command: tcpdump -nneei <interface/bond> port 8116


As example you can see here, that the multicast check only communicates with the broadcast.

00:00:00:00:e6:00 > ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

00:00:00:00:e6:01 > ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

00:00:00:00:e6:00 > 01:00:5e:7c:aa:aa

00:00:00:00:e6:01 > 01:00:5e:7c:aa:aa is missing

In this case, its mostly the configuration of the switch. Cisco calls it “querying”.





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