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VSX snapshot overhead on production

I am scheduled to apply a JHF to my gateways during a maintenance window tonight.  To minimize the window, I would like to run a snapshot before the window starts.  Does anyone know the resource utilization for a snapshot?  Will this have a huge impact on production traffic?  

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Dear David,

most used ressource if taking a snapshot will be the disksystem. If your gateway is not running near 100% on all CPUs, there will be no problem taking a snapshot. If you export your snapshot to an external system, there will be more CPU utilization because of some "tar" processes.

And have a look at the special handling for backup/restore of VSX-gateways sk100395. You have to take a snapshot and restore a snapshot on management and gateway from the same time. Except if you didn't changed the VSX-configuration.

best regards


Hi, we have cluster of VSX and it has 3 VS. Do we need to take snapshot only from VS0 OR all 3 VS. Also got the following commands to take snapshot and restore, Can you please confirm the commands?

vsx from clish
add snapshot <Name of Snapshot> desc "<Description of Snapshot>"
set snapshot revert<SPACE><TAB>

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Those commands are correct and you are using them on clish so it would be VS0.

You can also use this command for the status of the snapshot, "show snapshots"

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I have a question. with the snapshot I have the all configuration? all virtual systems? I read the recommendation is do at the same thime with the managment. 

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If your just installing a Jumbo on the VSX appliance, then you just need to do a snapshot on each of the nodes, if you want to do the manager, feel free, but I personal don't as the version is not actually changing.

Snapshots timing varies, but I would expect it to too long ie. say 15 mins.

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