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VRRP between Checkpoint and Forcepoint Clusters

Hi all,

we are planning to extend our infrastructure to a second data center (stretched cluster). On one side we have a Checkpoint FW cluster and on the other side we have a Forcepoint FW cluster. We want to have an active/passive scenario for the Gateways. This should be achieved using VRRP. Will this work using VRRP between the 2 clusters even if they are not from the same manufacturer? VRRP(or CARP) should be an open protocol and thus should do the job?!? Has anyone experience with such a scenario?

Any help is highly appreciated 🙂



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While VRRP is an open standard (RFC-2338), I don't believe any vendor actually supports mixing and matching cluster members from different vendors.

A failover between say Forcepoint and Check Point, while likely handled at the Layer 3 level, will fail spectacularly for any in progress connections as there is no state sync of Layer 7 information between the different vendor solutions.

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