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Switch and bond configuration

Hi, I wonder if you can help. I’m migrating our gateways and currently have 13 ethernet connections with multiple vlans to our switch from the current Checkpoint using sub-interfaces. I would like to create a port-channel and use bond interfaces in Checkpoint. Unfortunately, the switch is only capable of 1gig connection and on Checkpoint we have 4 10gb module and 10 1gb interfaces. How can I achieve this and what could be the configuration for both switch and Checkpoint using bond interfaces?



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Something like that on firewall side.


set interface bond1 state on
add interface bond1 vlan 20
add bonding group 1
add bonding group 1 interface eth1
add bonding group 1 interface eth2
set bonding group 1 mode 8023AD
set bonding group 1 lacp-rate slow
set bonding group 1 mii-interval 100
set bonding group 1 down-delay 200
set bonding group 1 up-delay 200
set bonding group 1 xmit-hash-policy layer3+4

set interface bond1 comments "Bond for eth1 and eth1"
set interface bond1 state on
set interface bond1 mtu 1500
set interface bond1.20 state on
set interface bond1.20 ipv4-address mask-length 24

I saw already bond with 4 members/interfaces without any issue


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