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SIC error after installing policies

After updating the JHF on the R81, we encountered the SIC General Failure [error no. 148] error after installing the policies.
We checked tcpdump - no packets are missing between the gateway and the control server. We re-initiate the SIC, but the error reappears after installing the policies.
We found errors in cpd.elg:

register_my_addon: registered simplePA.
main: sic over ssl service won't be initialized (Probably not MGMT or CMA env)
Cpd started
cpd_mon_signal_handler: About to be killed by CP watchdog! Attempting graceful exit...

Has anyone encountered this problem? How can it be solved if it's not a network connection problem?

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The sk116861 gives a SIC reset as a solution, but that did not work here. I would suggest to contact CP TAC for a RAS.

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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