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Remote clean installation of Gaia

Hello guys,

Is there any way how to perform CLEAN installation of any version of Gaia remotely ?

For example my device is 1000 km away, I dont have physical access and I want to do clean instalation of some another version of Gaia.

I am running on R77.30 and want to perform clean installation of R80.20.M1 without need to use isomorphic and plug bootable DVD/CD into device.

is something like this possible ? put ISO file into some directory, reboot and it will act like bootable USB ? Or mount it somehow ?

I dont want upgrade (cpuse, installer), I want to install it from scratch. Not factory reset.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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Accepted Solutions

LOM interface on the appliance Mount ISO file.

Blink tool.

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LOM interface on the appliance Mount ISO file.

Blink tool.


CPUSE will give you the option to upgrade or to run a clean install.

Regards, Maarten

Maybe Blink?

Blink - Gaia Fast Deployment 

Though I guess Blink is only supported for gateways, not management.

But still, for a gateway you can get to a CLI on, a 5-7 minute reimage can't be beat.

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This pretty much happens if you run "installer install ..." from clish. 

It keeps IP info but you are back to running your first time wizard but while keeping IP info.

This is what I did to my test lab which is about 2 countries away from me.

But it will keep your ext3 filesystem on the box. So if you want to switch to XFS you need to get your hands dirty and boot from some external device.

R80.20 M1 is SmartCenter only. So Blink is no option.

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