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R81.10 Administrator Workshop (1-Day maximum) Presentation Available?

Hello All,

Sometimes we need to deliver a workshop after a new implementation, and somehow it is difficult to find good sources for a R81.xx workshop presentation, even a What's New presentation to use as support material for the session.

Is there any pre-existing presentation that we can use for this purpose?

Thanks a lot!


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There are several partner presentations on R81.x available.
Just ask your local Check Point SE to get hold of a copy.

Besides that you'll always find many useful presentations in our library of past events.
CPX presentations might also be a good resource for you. See 2022, 2021 presentations.

What's New resources for: R81, R80, SmartConsole.


We actually do these presentations in the context of local user groups.
The last one I did for R81.10 is here: 
You'll have to join the group to access the post (request will be approved automatically), which includes the slides.

We have a similar presentation for R81.20 as well, which includes a few things from R81 and R81.10 as well.
I've given it earlier in the year, but it's going to get an update now that R81.20 is finally released.
I'll be giving it in this session on December 6th: 


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