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R80.40 GW on openservers and JHF page

  In reading about R80.40, I noticed the disclaimer on the download page:


R80.40 for Open Servers is supported only for Security Management.

Security Gateways and Standalone are supported on VMware, Hyper-V and KVM.

Security Gateways and Standalone configurations support for Open Servers is expected with R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator.

R80.40 is fully supported on all Check Point appliances.

  However, in looking for an SK titled "Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R80.40", I cannot find one.

   Is there a JHF page for R80.40 just not indexed by Google yet?  Just checking to see if OpenServer Gateway support is available yet.

Best Regards,


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This just means it is not yet supported until the Jumbo will hit the streets that will support the Open server hardware.
Un til the first Jumbo appears there will be no SK for it either.
Regards, Maarten
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As noted there is not yet a JHF for R80.40. Our Release Management team ( @Yifat_Chen and others) does a great job of posting on CheckMates when new JHF releases are available.

As you wait for the first JHF for R80.40, here's a little background on what the issue is with Open Servers on R80.40:


short recap -

its technically working... there are few bugs specially around licensing due to hyper threading being enabled 

being over careful around quality and having good 1st impression, we chose to claim “not supported until fully solved”

if someone have urgent need, we can explain/work around the missing part to make it work today. 
if not urgent, first jumbo is expected in march and will resolve the issue.

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Hi @Dorit_Dor 

I've been following both articles.

What can we tell our customers to R80.40, if nothing can be found in the HCL?


Here's how I see it:
DL360 G10 / DL380 G10 will be supported from March with the Jumbo Hotfix.

Is the statement correct?

Or is it already supported without HT?




Its quite simple. We prefer top quality and transparency so we say its not supported because some bugs are still open. In parallel also R80.40 is available less than a month (and still only at its early adoption phase). 

If your customer need R80.40 new functionality now, contact Check Point, get work around and then you can tell them it will be in HCL after the workaround will be formally fixed. 

if your customer doesnt need R80.40 today, wait for R80.40 to pass the early adoption phase (once we recommend it as default to everyone) and then tell your customers about this version (by then open server will also be supported). 

We have this early adoption phase in order to make everyone feel comfortable with the release and to save the question “when should i start recommending this version to my customers” 

March date is our transparent expected plan - its not a commitment because if we find issues, we may delay that date.

As said, if they need it now they can get it now (we already have few hundreds that use it). If its not urgent to them, wait till it passed the early adoption (and the criteria for that is quality and not date). 


Hello @Dorit_Dor 

I think the concept leads rather to confusion among us users. 

A version R80.40 is available, which is not yet to be used. 

After reading this information, I understand of course. But many people wonder why a version is released that is not yet supported by all open server. As Ckeck Point customers we are more confused.

Without this information from you, it looks like R80.40 is no longer supported on open servers according to HCL. My boss would blow my head off if we ordered a new server for R80.30 which is no longer supported by R80.40. I think here Check Point should provide more information in the HCL. 




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Thanks for the feedback 

the release notes say today: “Security Gateways and Standalone configurations support for Open Servers is expected with R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator.“

will this help? 
Security Gateways and Standalone configurations support for Open Servers is expected with one of the upcoming  R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulators. Check Point will update the HCL information once the version is supported.

We also explain the release terminology in SK95746 where we formally state the status of all releases. 

The HCL isnt a place to see version availability as it doesnt state that R80.40 exist or what is the status of that version. It is only a list of certified platforms and what were they certified on. 

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