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R80.10 GW - VSX HA/VSLS - Loopback Interfaces on VS ?

Hi folks

I'm currently staging 2 Open Server gateway  with ClusterXL HA and VSLS on R80.10, with the main goal to setup dynamic routing between Virtual Systems and some external routers using eBGP sessions.

So far, the setup is running fine, but I want to go further.

Is there any way to configure one or several loopback interfaces on a Virtual System ? If no, is there any chance this feature is already on development roadmap of future version ?

I will open a case to Check Point support asap for this feature request.

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I'm want to test bgp in a similar solution (vsx vsls) but havn´t found configuration examples. I would be most greatful if you could point me in thre right direction. 

I don´t have a lab to test it in, just a vs in a production environment to test with, thus would like to be sure of what I do. 

Is it correct that the configuration is done through clish and starts with the "set virtual-system" command?

have you btw had any issues with bpg in your solution?




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Hello Geoffray.  Did this ever get solved? I am also trying to create a loopback on VSX (in a cluster). I've been able to add loopback through CLI, but it does not show up in SmartConsole and it does not sync between gateways. Thanks, RK

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Employee Employee

R81.10 (sk170416) introduced the use of a loopback interface with Dynamic Routing in ClusterXL environments, but not necessarily for VSX however that would be an RFE and is currently documented as unsupported in sk79700.

Currently dummy DMZ or VLAN interfaces are the workaround depending on the use case, up to and including R81.20.

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