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New Technical Marketing Engineering YouTube Channel!

Hi all!

3 weeks ago, we asked your help in choosing a name for our new Technical Marketing Engineering YouTube channel.

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you who had participated - The New TME channel name is......Tech Point Central! 

Before going on it is right to make good on our promise – I’m happy to announce the winner of the raffle we held: it is Constantin Mader from our partner Bearingpoint. Thank you, Constantin, and enjoy the 100$ gift card you will be receiving soon!

Now that the important thank yous have been made, lets officially launch our new channel with some exciting content to wet your appetite with – this is the link to the Tech Point Central channel.

And this is what you will find there:

  1. The first Unboxing video we made for the Check Point Quantum Force flagship appliance: 

  1. The second part of the 29200 Unboxing video showing the user-friendly, quick QR-code-led initializing: 

  1. To those of you who haven’t yet seen either of the above and want to see both parts, this is the full-length video:

  1. The fourth and fifth video deal with the latest CVE and how to counter it:


And this is only the beginning.....

Next week we will be releasing another Quantum Unboxing video and more will follow, so stay tuned to Tech Point Central!

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