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Monitoring - Nagios / CheckMK



I'm currently developing an custom Nagios / CheckMK ( check - the goal is to not only rely on SNMP values and get more accurate readings.

My current implementations are done with an mix of local checks and SNMP checks. Attached you'll find the current status - just version 0.1...


I'm currently searching for the following values, that you'll get via SNMP:

Accepted: 28.4 pkts/s, Rejected: 0.0 pkts/s, Dropped: 0.9 pkts/s, Logged: 1.6 pkts/s, EspEncrypted: 0.0 pkts/s, EspDecrypted: 0.0 pkts/s


Does anyone know a way to query these values without SNMP or to calculate them myself? Due to the nature of the local checks, the solution must be running on the gateway itself.


In addition, if anyone has any further ideas for checks - feel free to contact me! Classical checks (CPU, Memory, Interface etc. are already handled by the CheckMK Monitoring - that needs to be implemented for classical old Nagios checks, but there are a lot of already existing snippets).

The current plan is to make the script accessible to everyone in the future - assuming that someone is interested 😉

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cpview will have a lot of this (though it's an interactive tool).
Believe some of this is in fw ctl pstat and fwaccel stats

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To add, cpview is about to have SNMP extensions, stay tuned


Are there meanwhile SNMP extensions for cpview?

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I heard there is an early EA on a prometheus stack scraping metrics for Grafana dashboards

The only way to go by the way, and looking forward to it.

hopefully any snmp will be killed and shot again 🙂 - just deliver us a feed on the endpoint /metrics


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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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