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Load balancing/Failover troubles with identity agent



We need to load balance our Identity Awareness clients to the PDP access layer.

This is supposed to be done with the help of Infoblox Traffic Control. It seems to work with the terminal server version (MUHv2), but not with the full agent that will run on the laptops and workstations.

There are 2 PDPs in the access layer, exchanging identites using a identity broker configuration. The identities are then shared with the aggregation layer trough a separate broker configuration. This works. So the problem seems to be between the PC with the agent software, and the access PDPs.

The agent is prepared with which PDPs it should already trust and connect to.

Restarting the PDP that owns a specific agent connection makes the PC with the agent disconnect and refuse to join the other PDP in the access layer.

Any thoughts where to look for the issue?




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