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Identity Collector stops communicating with Cisco ISE

I have upgraded Identity Collector to latest version 81.028.0000.
I am collecting from Cisco ISE.
It was like rock, working very well before this update.
After this update sometimes Cisco ISE identity source is coming up red, its failed to connect Cisco ISE and not collecting identities.

When I try to stop Checkpoint Identiy Collector service form services on windows, it is giving an error but stops and when I start it back it is working good for a few days.
Some times 5 days some times 1 day.

Can anyone help me?

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Recommend opening a TAC case unless @Royi_Priov or one of his team has a suggestion.
What version of Cisco ISE?

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It is 2.4

In Identity Awareness documents I saw the supported versions are 2.0, 2.1 and 2,2. Maybe I am wrong.

But before Identity Agent 81.028 version it working really well there were no problem. It was working for one year or more.

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