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How to change Stand Alone to Security Gateway

Dear colleagues, I have an environment with a NGTP 3100 with stand alone installation version R80.10, and I have an EPS running 77.30 in a VMWARE I want to update this SMS EPS to 80.10 and use it to manage the 3100. Is there any way I can change the 3100 NGTP to only secuirty Gateway? Or would I have to format and install it all again? What would be the best way to do this?

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First of all, you would need to copy (manually) the rules and objects of the 3100 to the SMS, once it has been upgraded that is. Maybe you can use some scripts in the CodeHub section here to export and import them instead.

Best thing to do next is make a copy of the Gaia config and store it on another machine.

Now restore the machine to factory settings, druing boot go into the maintenance menu and restore the R80.10 image, then connect with the WebUI to the Mgmt interface on and run the first time wizard, during which you select the installation to be a Security Gateway and set a SIC Pasword. Finish the wizard and reboot if needed.

Now connect with SSH to the gateway and restore the previously saved config and then connect from the dashboard to the clean installed gateway and establish SIC with the previously saved SIC Password.

Regards, Maarten
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This fully depends on the GAiA configuration - complicated IFs with VLAN, complex routing and all the things possible in GAiA WebGUI can be saved as output file from show config. But migration from Standalone to Distributed is explained in sk61681 - but This article does NOT apply to R80.x.

So you should open a SR# with TAC for the migration !

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