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Gaia cloning group size

What is the largest Gaia cloning group y'all have seen?  Is it practical to use this feature to manage SNMP configurations and users across 50 gateways? I had considered it a feature to sync configurations across cluster members but it looks like it could have more applications.

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Hi Lloyd,

I had an issue with a cloning group two weeks ago and contacted support. The engineer told me the following:

1. If you have a ClusterXL cluster, configure a cloning group which follows ClusterXL.
2. If you have non-clustered gateways, configure the cloning group manually.

The second option can be used for gateway's not part of a cluster but with shared configuration items like DNS, NTP and SNMP.

Not sure how many gateways are supported in a cloning group.


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I would not use a cloning group for that. I would instead use Ansible against the GAiA API. That way, you can have values which apply only to gateways in a given region, for example.

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