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Gaia cannot add GUI clients

I have a R80 standalone Gaia testbed installed on a virtual machine, sec GW+ mgmt selected during install, no errors reported during the installation. Was able to successfully run the first time config wizard, no errors. 

While i can connect successfully with the webUI, I am unable to get the SmartConsole to connect to this standalone box to manage Firewall blade. The error is the "could not connect" error message.

While following - "Connection cannot be initiated. Make sure server is up and running" error in SmartDashboard 

i can see that fwm is running

this just got installed so disk space ideally wouldnt be a prob, *NDB files are just 20k size atm

i unloaded the policy to see if something was blocking the ports via  fw unloadlocal

next i try cpconfig to see if its a config thing, i can successfully see license, admin information is as entered during setup

Errors start here -

i tried to use the CLI to add GUI clients just to be sure, and here i get the error message "Failed to connect to database"

im trying to enter 3 to get to "configuring gui clients" section, when it shows this error and displays root menu again.

also observed that when i do a CLI cpstop and cpstart there are errors related to cpwdm and cphttp2 (screen scrolls off very fast, cant capture specific error) and then there is a never ending loop of java error messages =

Any tips on how to tshoot this would be much appreciated, dunno where to start, nothing i see on postgres or java tshooting in KB

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Is it R80 or R80.10?

R80 cannot be installed with Firewall + Management (i.e. standalone), only as management.

R80.10 can be installed this way, so let's assume you mean that.

What are you installing R80.10 on?

If it's a Check Point appliance, what model?

If it's an Open Server or VM, please specify the RAM and processor cores used.

Note that R80.10 in Standalone mode requires at minimum two processor cores and 8GB of RAM (more of both are recommended). 

If you have less than that, you may see unexpected behavior.

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