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Editing $FWDIR/conf files for a specific VS

Good day Checkmates,

I need to implement sk172384 as part of a PCI-DSS hardening project.  The SK is straightforward enough, edit the $FWDIR/conf/cihs.conf and restart services.

My question relates to doing this under VSX.

My understanding is that if you edit this file, it will edit the file for VS0 only.  Is this assumption correct?  Or does it change it for all VS's on the box?

If I need to configure this for a specific VS instance (let's say VS6) would I need to change context (#vsenv 6) and then copy the file from the explicit path on VS0 to the logical path on VS6 (eg. #cp /opt/CPsuite-R81/fw1/conf/cihs.conf $FWDIR/conf/).  Last step then would be to edit the file (#vi /opt/CPsuite-R81/fw1/CTX/CTX00006/conf/cihs.conf)?

The only SK I could find that sort of addresses this is sk33422.

As always any guidance much appreciated.


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I think you have it right—do something similar to sk33422 to affect only the one VS.
Otherwise I think the change applies to all VSes.