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Dynamic Balancing available on R80.40

Hi Everyone,


Dynamic Balancing is available on R80.40!

Looking for enthusiasts to expand our growing install base and adopt this huge feature of performance and ease-of-use.



Dynamic Balancing (formerly: Dynamic Split) is a great ease-of-use and performance feature for SGW, introduced in R80.40.

It automatically allocates CPU resources in order to self-optimize and match traffic characteristics.

Available in R80.40 JHF as disabled by default; the feature can be easily enabled, no tweaking required.


Detailed introduction and overview: Video, Slides.

System requirements, how-to, and additional info: sk164155


RnD will provide close support with on-boarding process for anyone willing to enable the feature during July-Aug.

Please contact me or @Chen_Muchtar  for more details. 




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I have 2 questions which are not mentioned in sk164155:

1. Do I need to perform reboot once I want to disable/stop Dynamic Balancing?

2. If Dynamic Balancing is enabled, is CoreXL setting in cpconfig disabled ? Means, I am not able to change CoreXL numbers?

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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Hi Jozko,

1. Stopping the dynamic balancing does not require a reboot. Disabling dynamic balancing requires a reboot, since part of the disable process is to revert the configuration back to default, which includes several settings that can only be set on boot (mainly due to memory allocations performed at system init)

2. No, but changes made in the corexl cpconfig only take effect after reboot. Note that rebooting with a non-default instance number (i.e. manual changes done by the user) will prevent dynamic balancing from starting in order not to overwrite users' actions (a proper alert to the user is to be sent in such cases). In R81, we will also add several options for user's intervention/ manual customization over the automatic mechanism of dynamic balancing (per RFE feedbacks raised with this regards)

We'll add these Qs to the FAQ section in the SK




Hi Chen,
Thank you for quick answer.
Even if users will use default coreXL/SNDs setting, they can use "fw ctl affinity" to assign specific process or worker to specific CPU core. Would be great to take that into consideration.
Or even better, for any of operations which are manupulating CoreXL settings, the user will get additional option to accept or deny user-defined settings while be informed that it will disable Dynamic Balancing feature in the future.

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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