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Disabling Smart Connection Reuse

Good evening,


I'd like to know what the impact would be if I was to disable the Smart Connection Reuse mechanism on our corporate gateways. I am investigating an issue with our NFS mounts "hanging" when there is an interruption to the connection and the following article explains the exact issue we're experiencing and seems to point the finger at Smart Connection Reuse functionality as the culprit (as does this old CPUG article).


In my troubleshooting efforts, I'd like to disable this mechanism and see if it "resolves" the issue. I'm reluctant to do so without knowing what the potential impact might.


I've search the Support Portal and found SK24960. It mentions that disabling feature will treat TCP [SYN] packets on established connections as out of state. How much of an issue/impact is this likely to be in a production environment?





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It really depends on the environment.
Which is why you test it with the temporary "fix" as mentioned in the SK, only putting it to fwkern.conf after you've verified it doesn't cause undesirable side effects.

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