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Creation of new Bonding Group under production VSX Cluster

Hi Guys,


We have VSX Cluster with multiple VSs configured under different DMSs in production. We have a requirement to configure new bonding group with new slave interfaces under the same VSX VSLS Cluster and need help to understand the steps. As per my understanding:

1. Remove the slave interfaces from the VSX GWs in the Smart Console and Install the policy

2. Create the new Bond Group and add new slave interfaces to the bonding Group in Clish mode of VS0. (No need for Set VSX Off/On for this task?)

3. Create the same bonding group in the smart console under VSX Cluster object's Physical Interfaces and select it as trunk and install the policy.

4. Now, we should be able to create VLANs in all the existing virtual systems under that new trunked Bond Interface?

5. Anything additional we need to keep in mind or perform as an additional steps? (VSX Admin guide didn't have clear steps).

Your response on this will be highly appreciated.



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I've not had to setup a new bond in our environment, but if I was going to do it, clearly a maintenance window would be arranged and then I would likely do the below (suggest you test this first).

- Snapshot (Optional)
- Ensure you set any comments on the interfaces 'a' and 'b' first, ensure the interfaces do not have any other configurations on their such as IP addresses, comments are fine and of course ensure the interface is enabled.You may wish to set the rx buffer but that's outside the scope of the question.

add bonding group <x>
add bonding group <x> interface <a>
add bonding group <x> interface <b>
set bonding group <x> mode 8023AD
set bonding group <x> comments "New Bonding group example"
set interface bonding group <x> on
save config

set bonding group <x> primary <a>

I believe next you would need to update the topology in VSX Cluster via the Management DMS, install database and the push the configuration out to the cluster.

Then I believe the bond should be available for use, now clearly there are switching element involved so you need to ensure this is all prepared. 

Assuming you are running R80.30+ b.t.w

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That's the general process, yes.

You don't need to install policy unless you are adding or removing a cluster VIP. For step 1, provisioning is sufficient. For step 3, you don't even need to provision the cluster, but it will happen as a side-effect of the required management-side change.

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3. Create the same bonding group in the smart console under VSX Cluster object's Physical Interfaces and select it as trunk and install the policy.


In this step, remember to also delete the slaves interfaces that are now part of  the bond (for example, eth1, eth2). Otherwise, the next time you need to reconfigure the module, you are gonna a bad time (spoiler: the reconfigure won't work since there is a difference  in the interfaces)

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