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Creating new vlan sub-interface on Cluster


I have a problem creating a new cluster IP on a VLAN sub-interface that I been banging my head against. Management is on a R80.30, 2 OpenServer nodes with R80.10. 

Both nodes have existing eth5 - trunked interface - with VLAN sub-interfaces working fine.

  • Added a new sub-interface to both nodes
    • node1:
      • add interface eth5 vlan 46
      • set interface eth5.46 ipv-address 192.168.x.2 mask-length 20
      • save config
    • node2
      • add interface eth5 vlan 46
      • set inteface eth5.46 ipv-address 192.168.x.3 mask-length 20
      • save config
  • created VLAN on the switches, allowed on all tagged ports
  • logged on the gateway web GUI, the interfaces are marked as up and looks normal.
  • verified that I can ping .2 and .3
  • added Cluster interface in SmartDashboard
    • gateways & servers -> doubleclicked on the clusterXL resource -> network management
    • actions -> new interface
      • network type : cluster
      • ipv4: 192.168.x.1 / 20
      • member IPs: added node01 and node02 ipv4 addresses and mask-length
      • clicked OK to create
    • clicked Get Interfaces -> Get Interfaces With Topology
  • in SmartDashboard the interface now looks identical to other sub-interfaces
  • did a policy install, no errors.
  • unable to ping 192.168.x.1 from
    • server on different VLAN
    • from both gateways
    • from a server placed on the VLAN with .x.1 as gateway
  • checked 'cphaprob -a if' and it does not list the interface. other cluster interfaces are listed.

What step have I missed? why doesnt 'cphaprob -a if' show the new cluster IP?

Any help appreciated!

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Most probably those new VLAN interfaces are still unknown to the fw kernel.

Run fw getifs & fw ctl iflist

If your new VLAN not in the list, reboot the GWs one by one. 

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