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Cluster patching guide R80.40 take 125

Hi team, 
It seems weird but this is doing my head in. I can't seem to find any guide / recommended process for applying Take 125 (or any other) to an R80.40 cluster (and again or any other).  Surely there must be some instructions somewhere. 
Is it just a matter of logging on to the gui and clicking install, waiting for the reboot then doing the other one? It just seems a little odd there appears to be nothing covering a recommended process. 

Also I was just looking through the release notes and I see mentions of fixes in Take 126. Does anyone know when this is due out. Maybe I'll just go straight to it. 

If you can point me in the direction of any suitable documentation that would be fantastic thanks. 

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Yep, that's exactly the process. Install on one member (installing stops services), reboot it, wait for it to come up and sync, fail over the cluster, do it on the other member. Done.

R80.40 JHFA take 126 was released about 6 hours before you posted. Very fresh. Has that nice just-out-of-the-oven crust.

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