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Certificate Trust Issue

Hi all,


I got also a certificat trust trouble, let me explain.

We have 6 IC vms, 2 in EU, 2 in NA and 2 in AS. Heach continent gateways are configured in the relevant continant ICs.

Only exeptions are for the Mobile Access gateways, we have 3 of them, 1 in EU, 1 in NA and 1 in AS. FOr those we plan to configure the 6 ICs vms as people form 1 continent may have to connect to a different continent VPN portal.

But the error I'm seeing is that when I add for instance the AS VPN gateway in NA ICs and when I click on 'test', the gateway is added in the list, but I am not asked to trust the certificate. Did someone already see this behaviour? Will the identity awarness work anyway?

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For RAS VPN GWs, do you manage them from the same management server? 

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