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CP 5600 Sec.Gw. and difference between EthX, Sync and Mgmt interfaces


I'm deploying cluster of 5600 Security Gateway. In other topic here on CheckMates I found information, that interface called "Mgmt" does not use any kind of dedicated routing table (like Management VRF is used on other vendor devices) and is member of the global routing table.

I searched and didn't find any technical details regarding Sync and Mgmt interfaces (do they use dedicated bus and or interrupt to CPU?) Can be they used like any other Eth1-8 interfaces? I.e. do I have ten interfaces available to handle the traffic? What are the limitations to use Sync and Mgmt interfaces?

My plan is to build also dedicated bond (of two interfaces) for cluster synchronization and I'm thinking if I can use Sync together with some of EthX interfaces or if better would be to use two EthX ports for such synchronization bond.

Thank you a lot in advance for any hint, suggestion or recommendation


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The Sync and Mgmt interfaces are just labeled that way.
While it is custom to use them for their labeled purpose, you can use them to pass any sort of traffic you'd like.
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This is correct as of today. It may change in the future (Management Data Plane).

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