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Basic application control question


I am trying to understand if there is some form of hierarchy in the applications. For example, I see that there is an application called "Cisco Webex Teams" and an application called "Cisco Webex Teams-video".

Reading sk112249 , I get the feeling that "Cisco Webex Teams" is a superset of "Cisco Webex Teams-video".
However, when I create a rule matching "Cisco Webex Teams" and below a rule matching "Cisco Webex Teams-video", I see hits also on the last rule (with the -video).

So, what is the proper way for allowing fully such applications (that have also -xxxxx apps)?

Should I add all applications that start with the application name that I need to allow, or the above mentioned issue could be perhaps of bug?

Is there any kind of secret wisdom based on tags perhaps?

Kind regards,


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